Pura Vida - CBD Crystals

Our CBD crystal powder is an isolate, meaning this concentrated CBD product has been extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant to obtain the active substances used for our crystal powder.

Extracting with the Super Critical CO2 method is eco-friendly, the gas involved is being recycled.
Separating the fats and lipids from the extract by rotary evaporation several times separates the product from excess plant material. After that, the extract is being decarboxylated, to activate the acids from the CBDA, which will turn the acid into activated CBD.

The end result is a 99.48% pure form of CBD, in fine crystals, which can be mixed into foods, topicals, ointments, nutritional supplements, skin care products and cosmetics.
The crystals can also be ingested in their pure form, only a few crystals, dissolved under the tongue, have an immediate and good effect.


Brand: Pura Vida CBD
The brand of Pura Vida - CBD Crystals is Pura Vida CBD

Category: CBD medical
Pura Vida - CBD Crystals belongs to category CBD medical.

Material: Natural
Pura Vida - CBD Crystals is a Natural product.

Pura Vida - CBD Crystals
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