Pura Vida CBD - Balm and CBD Lip

Lip Balm
Pura Vida CBD Balm is also an excellent lip balm alternative,
with countless extra advantages.

Each ingredient is
Soil certified
Grown in a Fair Trade farming Project (Ghana and Western Africa)
Food Grade – yes if you wanted to you can also eat Pura Vida CBD Balm.
Why would you want to put something on
your lips that you cannot eat?

What it says on the label, is really what is inside
We use naturally occurring fats, oils, essential extracts from flowers, herbs and spices.
Real fruit and floral extracts are superior providers of flavor and color.

Each ingredient has been chosen for its natural medicinal properties
Pura Vida CBD infused lip balm will not only leave your lips soft, but will also relieve any pain you may have from dry, chapped lips.
Vitamin-E helps reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles.
This is a multi-purpose balm, that can be used for almost everything on your skin.

Available in four flavors
- Pura Vida "Natural Healing"
- Pura Vida - Lavender & Vanilla
- Pura Vida - Chocochino
- Pura Vida - Coconut & Mango


Brand: Pura Vida CBD
The brand of Pura Vida CBD - Balm and CBD Lip is Pura Vida CBD

Category: CBD medical
Pura Vida CBD - Balm and CBD Lip belongs to category CBD medical.

Material: Natural
Pura Vida CBD - Balm and CBD Lip is a Natural product.

Pura Vida CBD - Balm and CBD Lip
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