Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg

CBD E-Liquid is a flavoured vape oil that is rich in cannabidiol compounds. Cibiday brings to you a wonderful alternative in seven different flavours for every taste. 

It is well-known that CBD has numerous medicinal properties without any "high" effects and there are now many products in the market for you to try. Our CBD E-liquid is usually chosen because of its high quality, quite superior to other brands. This is evident in its homogeneous and clear consistency, but also in its way of production. Beginning with the seeds, the plants and the laboratory processes, Cibiday guarantees a must-have CBD product.

It comes in a 10ml vial, with a content of 5ml so you are able to shake before every use! Order now and start enjoying the amazing benefits of CBD!

Available Flavours:


Brand: Cibiday
The brand of Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg is Cibiday

Category: CBD medical
Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg belongs to category CBD medical.

Material: Natural
Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg is a Natural product.

Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg
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