Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg

CBD E-Liquids, cannabidiol-rich flavoured vape oil

Scientific studies have consistently demonstrated that CBD, a compound in cannabis, possesses medicinal properties. Numerous patients experience positive results after using the cannabidiol-rich oil. 

 A great way to keep your body healthy 

There are many ways to use CBD oil as a natural medicine, but cannabidiol in e-liquids is undoubtedly one of the most delicious ways. To make it even more special, the e-liquid is available in a variety of surprising flavours, so you can experience a new taste sensation over and over again, while the CBD represents a true treat for your body. 

 Wide range of flavoured CBD vape liquid

You can use the CBD-rich e-liquids in most e-cigarettes and vaporizer pens with 510 batteries and atomizers. The Tasty Hemp Oil vape e-liquid is supplied in 10ml vials with a content of 5ml so there is enough space left to shake well before each use.


Brand: Cibiday
The brand of Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg is Cibiday

Category: CBD medical
Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg belongs to category CBD medical.

Material: Natural
Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg is a Natural product.

Cibiday - CBD E-Liquid 100mg
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