Cibiday - CBD E-Cigarettes 50mg

CBD E-Cigarettes allow you to continue smoking without the negative effects of nicotine. In addition, they bring the infinite beneficial properties of CBD to your hands, in a very comfortable and practical way.

You can choose in between four different flavours:
Cannabis, Watermelon, Apple and Mint!

Make your pick and order, start enjoying your daily dosage of CBD right away!


Brand: Cibiday
The brand of Cibiday - CBD E-Cigarettes 50mg is Cibiday

Category: CBD medical
Cibiday - CBD E-Cigarettes 50mg belongs to category CBD medical.

Material: Natural
Cibiday - CBD E-Cigarettes 50mg is a Natural product.

Cibiday - CBD E-Cigarettes 50mg
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Cibiday - CBD E-Cigarettes 50mg
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