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Extravaganja - Shower Gel
The natural nutrient constituents of hemp feed your skin with all the beneficial substances needed for its daily maintenance.
Extravaganja - Hair Shampoo
Natural nutrients in hemp seed help make your hair stronger and are excellent at revitalizing it and protecting it from daily stress.
Extravaganja - Bath Oil
Antioxidants incorporated naturally in hemp oil along with vitamins A, E and F, effectively nurture your skin, moisturizing it, making it smooth, flexible and relaxed.
Extravaganja - Body Oil
The mix of the best mediterranean olive and almond oil helps to regenerate and protect the skin
Extravaganja - Hand Soap
Hand soap is made out of the mildest cleansing ingredient, to which cold pressed hemp oil and natural ethereal oils of bergamot, orange and rosewood are added
Extravaganja - Body Milk
Moisturizing Body Milk is the finest combination of hemp seed oil, shea and cocoa butter.
Extravaganja - Body Butter
A mix of cocoa and shea butter restores all the necessary moisture the skin needs