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Book - Simply Soil
When the author began his ’horticultural hobby’ he heard plenty of advice. Unfortunately most of it was conflicting. After some experience in growing Gregory made his own notes.
Book - Trash to Stash
This book shows how to rescue these unused parts of the plant by processing them to increase concentration
Book - The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Insect & Disease Control
Easy-to-use problem-solving encyclopedia
Book - Marijuana Grower’s Handbook
Delivers all the basics that a novice grower needs, as well as advanced research for the more weed-savvy
Book - Marijuana Garden Saver
Pests, Diseases, Environmental Stresses, Nutrient Deficiencies, and Controls
Book - Marijuana Success -2
This second volume in the ‘Marijuana Success’ series expands its reach into the great outdoors with advice on camouflage techniques and harvesting, plus how-to articles on outdoor hydroponics and late season gardens. Rosenthal goes beyond cultivation s
Book - Marijuana Indoor Growing
Marijuana / indoor growing is the most complete and most clearly written book on the market. Philippe shows how easy it is to grow strong healthy plants and harvest delicious produce!
Book - Canapa Libera Tutti
The first and only Italian book about indoor and outdoor cultivation. Simple, practical, entertaining and truly complete, with the most innovative cultivation systems and a list of the products available today in Italy.
Book - Marijuana Medical Bible
This Fifth Edition of the Bible, a Best Seller since 1983, is expanded and completely rewritten with all new information on grow rooms, greenhouses and outdoor growing, medicinal cannabis, security, lightning, fertilizers, hydroponics, Sea of Green.
Book - Big book of Buds
Gathering information directly from breeders on several continents,The Big Book of Buds explores the top 100 buds, giving the reader a full sense of this plant’s wonderful diversity.
Book - The Blessed Herb
The Blessed Herb, medical cannabis, users in their own words. In this book, patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses share their experiences of using cannabis as a medicine.
Book - Hydroponics on Rockwool
A step by step guide to building a hydro grow room, this book deals with all aspects, not just those relating to rockwool. Clearly laid out with plenty of colour diagrams and photographs, this book is very easy to read and excellent value for a hardback.
Book - Growing on Coconut
A step-by-step guide including drawings, colour photos and diagrams. Covers all aspects of costing and planning and construction as well as plant health, harvesting and curing.
Book - Smokers Guide Book
Filled with handy tips, the latest marijuana, hash and cannabis product reviews, hotels and clubs, a complete Amsterdam coffeeshop list, and a glossy fold-out map, this is a ”must have” for your home collection.
Book - European Cannabis Cultivation
The #1 European grow book, fully updated & revised! With full colour photos and illustrations, contains all you ever wanted to know about the commercial, medical and recreational uses of cannabis.
Book - Cannabible - 2
This second volume of photos by renowned pot photographer Jason King is a visual treat for anyone who likes looking at quality buds. With over 150 strains chronicled in the book’s 182 pages.
Book - The Joint Rolling Handbook 2
Updated version of the best selling Joint Rolling Handbook. This witty illustrated book explains, in vivid detail, the fine art of joint rolling.
Book - Smokers Guide
The original cannabis culture and coffeeshop guide to Amsterdam. With over a million sold, this edition offers even more discounts and cultural insights to Amsterdam life.
Book - Stir Crazy
From the people that brought you the highly succesful ’The Joint Rolling Handbook’.
Book - Gardening Indoors with CO2
Everything you need to know about cultivating and maintaining an indoor garden