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Metrop MAM
Metrop MAM mother plant fertilizer is a unique product. The Metrop MAM fertilizer is formulated to supply mother plants with essential nutrients.
Metrop Bloom+ AminoBloom AminoXtrem
The Metrop Hydroponic AminoXtrem flower stimulator / bloom stimulator is a very high-quality amino-acid and vitamin boosters that see to it that the stem, leaves, top and all other visible and non-visible growth and bloom functions can function at their b
Metrop Root+ AminoRoot
The Metrop Root+ root stimulator and plant growth stimulator is a high-quality plant extract containing all amino acids and vitamins necessary for the growth of roots and plant in any medium.
Metrop Calgreen
The Metrop Calgreen calcium fertilizer is a unique product. The basis of the product is Nitrogen and Calcium in a specific compound.
Metrop MR1 Flower
The more potassium to a fruit or flower, the fatter the fruit of flower! For the largest volume increase, twice the potassium than phosphorus!
Metrop MR1 Grow
In Metrop MR1 grow fertilizer, the NPK and micro-elements balance is specially composed to produce the highest possible yield and root from the plant.