No Mercy - G.A Spray

This GA-Special Spray can be safely applied to make cannabisplants bloom richer and produce more resin. This is an effect of Gibberelic-acid (a chemical produced acid, so not an hormone preparate) which stimulates the female hormones in the plant. Apply on healthy plants only, and only during the indicated period of bloom.    Preferably use the spray shortly before you turn out the lights. You can also hang the light higher for a few hours.

A 100 ml. bottle of GA-Special Spray is enough to treat 50 plants. Spray well above the plants - do not dilute.

Spray the plants once after they have been blooming for 23 - 26 days, or 23 -26 days after you have switched the lights to 12 hours. For insiders: the change from the first to the second internode flowering is the best moment for treatment. (Direct use in the barrel is possible, for info contact No Mercy Supply) The results will show up rapidly.   An extra week of after-blooming is necessary (adjust your nutrients, EC, watering, harvesting plans etc!). In this last week, the plant will put on more weight than in 'regular' situations. Some plants react better to 11 hours of light during the last two weeks. Some extreme Sativa's may show a tendency to hermafroditism.   No Mercy Supply assumes no responsibility for possible side effects due to the complex hormonal activity of this stimulator.



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No Mercy - G.A Spray
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Bio Optimal anti-elongation works yield increase increasing. Endocrine systems of the plant Becomes fully disturbed by the unnatural transition from 18 to 12 hours and the plant goes into a state of emergency growth.
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Aptus - Bioshark Dislike (mite)
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Spray & Grow Mildew
Mildew Protection Spray goes in a natural way against fungi such as powdery mildew. A combination of various plant extracts, silicon and trace elements protect your plants in a natural, organic way against various fungi.
500ml concentrade
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Spray & Grow Spider Mite
Spider Mite Spray Plant protection Spray & Grow is a biological agent against sap with a very effective operation. Due to its organic composition Plant Protection Spray safe for use during growth and flowering.
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Rogis - Rogis Garlic
Effective against aphids, white flies, mites, spider mites, nematodes
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Bio Best - Sluipwest
Against witte vlieg
Tegen witte vlieg
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Bio Best - Grondroofmijt
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Tegen alle bodeminsecten
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A.R.T.S. - Aphid
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Bio Best - Gaasvlieg
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Tegen bladluis
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Bio Best - Insects spray
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A.R.T.S. - Velgro
Velgro is a professional natural product against TRIPS, their eggs and larvae
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Bio Best - Sticky strip
This property is harnessed in the deployment of the sticky traps.
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G.T - SpiderMite Control
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Bio Best - Nematoden
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A.R.T.S. - Granulaat
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BAC - Plant Vitality Plus
The first spider mite agent which causes BARK (and APHID) will disappear like snow in the sun. Whenever you the upper layer of your medium injection, will not hatch the eggs.
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A.R.T.S. - Terra Bact
Is a liquid vegetable extract to harmful salts and / or surplus, such as chlorine, sodium, sulfate, and so forth to neutralize it.
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A.R.T.S. - Flower Power Top Booster
Microbes and other beneficial components
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Bio Best - Roofmijt
Live predator mite for biological control of 2 spotted mite in the Garden.
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A.R.T.S. - Toprot
Against bud rot, rust and mildew
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A.R.T.S. - Spired
Professional Biological spray from U.S.A.
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A.R.T.S. - Wortelrot
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Green Planet - Sacred Oil
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Plant net - 1.2m wide
Strong nylon netting for the support of plants and flowers. Comes in 1.2m wide and from 1m - 1000m long.
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G.T - SMC +
SMC+ is a broader spectrum pest control product developed to target multiple pests rather than just Spider mites.
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Lainco - Laikenia Antimildiu Fungicide
A powder fungicide that protects plants from mildew
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Skunk Neem
Effective against aphids, white flies, mites, spider mites, nematodes
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Bamboo stakes
Strong bamboo stakes used for supporting of plants. Available in three sizes: 60cm 90cm and 120cm.
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Yo Yo’s
For the support of flowers these things are hard to beat. Just clip them to the stem and hang them up to whatevers handy.
Price: $2.37
Luxan - Maltodextrine
Luxan ER II is a contact agent that may be used as an insecticide, miticide, and pesticide in horticultural crops. Luxan works in a physical way and is produced from natural products.
Price: $26.52
No Mercy - G.A Spray
This GA-Special Spray can be safely applied to make cannabisplants bloom richer and produce more resin.
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Bio Best - Roofwants
Live predator mite for biological control of Thrips in the Garden.
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