BH - Vegging growlight, 90 watt


This is a specialised version of the famous Hans-panel. It delivers more blue light to get bushier plants with shorter internode distances. There is one switch position for seedlings and cuttings, the other is perfect for bigger plants.

Why Hans Panels?

  • There are numerous positive reviews of my panels on the forums, they haven proven themselves again and again
  • I fully understand the importance of continuity, I do my very best to offer service of the highest level. If a malfunction would appear, a replacement will be send immediately, all you need to do is promise to return the defective product.
  • I only use the very best led's, Cree only. The efficiency of these leds is over 30% better than the cheaper brands like Epistar and Bridgelux, those and worse you will find in the China made products.
  • I think growing with Leds is rapidly becoming accepted, the exclusivity is in the past, in order to stimulate the wide use of Led panels I keep my prices very modest. 
  • The unique design of the led panels with their patented reflectors spread the precious Led light very well over the plants

Technical information

  • ALL CREE, 80 watt, XBD and XPE LED Power, total power consumption max. 90 Watt
  • 2 selectable positions; (1) Seedlings and cuttings, (2) Adult Mother plants. Easily selectable by Switch
  • 8 Cree XBD Royal Blue, 17 Cree XBD 701 Red, 2 Cree XBD White and 6 XPE-PHR DeepRed Led's
  • NEW: Light output adjustable from 0 to 100% by knob
  • Each Led has it's own reflector, either 106 or 123 degrees, therefore optimal control of the light pattern
  • Metal Core PCB for the very best cooling
  • No light losses caused by glass or plastic barriers in front of the LED's
  • External waterproof power supply with a 2 meter cable, no heat contribution to the LED's
  • Size 26 cm * 38 cm * 4 cm, 10" * 15" * 1.6"
  • Recommended maximum grow area 50*60 cm, 20" * 24"
  • EU, USA or UK power supply included
  • Reflector easily demountable for cleaning
  • Solid construction, simple industrial design
  • Very quiet, only -42 dB at 30 cm
  • Hanging kit included
  • 2 year warranty
  • Shipping all around the planet




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Led; Reflectors; Bulbs


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BH - Vegging growlight, 90 watt
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Vegging 90 watt
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