Plagron - Worm castings

Worm Castings are used by growers when making up their own soil mix. It boosts the nitrogen content of the soil mix as well as adding valuable aeration to the mix.

Worm Castings are used in All-Mix soil and make up 10% of the overall medium, but by buying them separately like this, you can create your own medium and tailor it to your plants needs exactly. Definitely one for the experimental gardeners out there.

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Plagron - Worm castings
Code: GGRO1080
Price: $12.57
25 litre
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Plagron - Worm castings
Worm Castings are used by growers when making up their own soil mix. It boosts the nitrogen content of the soil mix as well as adding valuable aeration to the mix.
25 litre
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