The Clonebox has been developed specifically for plant propagation. It's also a great way for gardeners to protect fragile young plants as they develop, or to quarantine ailing plants while they’re nursed back to health.

The Clonebox comes with 4 plastic coated shelves to house plants and support low-profile lighting systems. These sturdy metal shelves can be height postioned as needed or removed to accommodate plant growth and larger lights. (One shelf needed at base and one at roof, leaving 2 shelves to use, move or remove.) It's easy to assemble and dismantle the Clonebox, taking about 20 minutes. The outer tent shell simply zips over the frame. Made from from 100% Black-Out fabric with a water-proof reflective white PE inner lining.

The tough canvas outer shell provides equipment and filter supports, plus ventilation windows. The Clonebox has a metal structure frame with strong nylon push-lock corners for sturdiness. The top-to-bottom zipper, combined with the side-to-side zippers at the floor and roof, gives you easy access to the interior of your indoor greenhouse. There's even a removable floor that's water-resistant and washable.




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The Clonebox has been developed specifically for plant propagation. It’s also a great way for gardeners to protect fragile young plants as they develop.
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