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Southseeds - Super Jack A/F
Southseeds Super Jack A/F is an easy to grow Jack Herer hybrid made by crossing Southseeds Silver Skunk with the famous Jack Herer X Ruderalis.
Starting at: $22.01
Southseeds - Kush #1 A/F
Southseeds Kush #1 A/F is a special hybrid of old and new. A land-race Kush mother with it’s origins high in the Afganistan mountains
Starting at: $18.53
Southseeds - Super Silver A/F
Introducing the Southseeds Super Silver A/F. Southseeds Super Silver has been developed by Southseeds for sativa fans that need an auto-flowering strain.
Starting at: $26.64
Southseeds - O.G Haze A/F
For Haze lovers, Southseeds O.G Haze A/F. Southseeds bred this Auto-flowering Haze from a combination of several sativas.
Starting at: $22.01
Southseeds - Silver Skunk A/F
Introducing one of the best Auto-flowering strains in the Southseeds collection! Silver Skunk A/F. This strain is Super Skunk crossed with an Afghani x Ruderalis, and is a real treat.
Starting at: $18.53
Southseeds - White Widow A/F
Southseeds White Widow A/F is the cross of our best auto-flowering male with the original White Widow clone.
Starting at: $22.01