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Paradise Seeds - Sheherazade
Due to her family heritage, Sheherazade has got the depth from the valleys of Hindu Kush, as well as the soaring highs from the Far East. Most of all, the traits of this sultry princess is her heavy musk- like sweetness.
Price: $63.70
Paradise Seeds - Sweet Purple
A very strong, rather tall plant with hue’s of purple and pink, that tastes like strawberries. She grows well indoors but is also perfectly adapted to colder regions such as Holland for outdoor growing.
Price: $69.49
Paradise Seeds - Nebula
This outstanding plant has excellent quality and with her sparkling looks has been selected for the lovers of high grade cannabis. Her wonderful high and soft subtle taste carries you like a summer breeze, telling tales of mysteries.
Price: $69.49
Paradise Seeds - Durga Mata
Durga Mata is named after the powerful and revered Hindu Goddess. She is ideal for an after dinner smoke leading to deep conversation.
Price: $40.54
Paradise Seeds - Dutch Dragon
High yields and superb quality on long sticky colas makes this Dragon of Dutch descent a spectacular plant for indoor and outdoor growing. Due to the combination of her sweet taste and strong potency she is the favourite for many smokers.
Price: $57.91
Paradise Seeds - Bella Dona
This mostly Skunk type Paradise Seeds strain is a real beauty, with very tight, compact orange buds. During the blossoming process she develops to maturity.
Price: $34.75