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Mr Nice Seed Bank - Shark Shock
This is definitely the most successful breed of the late 90’s, since its inauguration by Shantibaba as great white shark.
Price: $75.28
Mr Nice Seed Bank - La Nina
A family member that had previously been kept private for The Family. Known also as El Nino (Bio Cup 98 HTCC) but it is better as a female therefore the name change to La Nina.
Price: $104.24
Mr Nice Seed Bank - Early Queen
Since the beginning of the 1990s, this three way hybrid has earn acclaim in the cultivators world. It is quick to finish both indoors and outdoors and is, therefore, perfect for cold climate countries in the northern hemisphere.
Price: $57.91
Mr Nice Seed Bank - Medicine Man
A proven Medical marvel for those in need of high levels of the most active cannabinoids such as CBD. Almost toxic at times, so handle with care and don’t abuse the medicine, man.
Price: $104.24
Mr Nice Seed Bank - Devil
The definitive plant for those interested in outdoors/greenhouses. Due to its Afghani pedigree, taste, reddish aura, and magical mind journey tendencies, this plant provides quite a wonderful therapy.
Price: $75.28
Mr Nice Seed Bank - Dreamtime
Go forth into the MR. NICE dreamtime, anytime. A selection of mixed indoor varieties of excellent parentage including Skunk, NL, Haze, and Afghan.
Price: $46.33
Mr Nice Seed Bank - Afghan Haze
The combination of a pure Afghan combined to the Haze male can only create something fantastic. The area to work on with this plant is the yield and time of yield so selection is a must for those who look for the right type of blend of both parents.
Price: $81.07
Mr Nice Seed Bank - Ortega
Ortega was originally made a little different from Nevil when he was doing his Seedbank thing with Sensi
Price: $81.07
Mr Nice Seed Bank - The Cure (AF/SK x HZ(AC))
Not for the first time grower but it is capable to surprise those who do not get surprised at anything
Price: $81.07
Mr Nice Seed Bank - Nordle
This hybrid is probably one of the most consistently good alrounders
Price: $66.02