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Humboldt - Lemon Garlic OG
Introducing California Kind Genetics, the newest addition to #TeamHSO, this breeder has resided deep in the mountains of the Humboldt region for more than 15 years.
Starting at: $53.28
Humboldt - Chocolate Mint OG
We merged two iconic super strains from the Northern California scene, the infamous OG with the ever classic Granddaddy Purple.
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Humboldt - Dedoverde Haze
For those who don’t know, Haze was born in California, and from there she conquered the whole world.
Starting at: $57.91
Humboldt - Ewe-2
From the elite collection of the infamous breeder ”Kief Sweat”, HSO presents the Ewe-2.
Starting at: $63.70
Humboldt - 707 Headband
This elite cutting was given to us by the Emerald Mountain farm while collaborating with them in Mendocino.
Starting at: $56.75
Humboldt - Lemon Kush Headband
After receiving an elite cut of the 215 Super-bud in 2011, we were intrigued with its unique structure, color and fragrant aromas and decided to subject it to a breeding regimen.
Starting at: $53.28
Humboldt - Mango Sapphire
Introducing the combined efforts of two premiere varieties creating another masterpiece of flavor size, resistance and harvesting period.
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Humboldt - Blueberry Headband
Blueberry Headband by Humboldt Seed Organization is a beautiful fusion of size and flavour.
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Humboldt - Green Crack
One of California’s most famous cash crops has now become a global icon.
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Humboldt - 707 Truthband By Emerald Mountain
707 Truthband by Emerald Mountain by Humboldt Seed Organization is an elite underground classic presented by Ras-Truth.
Starting at: $56.75
Humboldt - Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush by Humboldt Seeds is a indica dominant strain.
Starting at: $37.06
Humboldt - OG Kush
OG Kush is a californian variety by Humboldt Seed bank that is in the top in the California seed election.
Starting at: -
Humboldt - Pineapple Skunk
Pineapple Skunk by Humboldt Seeds is a commercial strain very popular for its big production and high quality.
Starting at: $34.75
Humboldt - Chemdawg
Chemdawg by Humboldt Seeds is said to be the parent of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, and the original plant comes from a seed in a bag of high-quality bud bought by Chemdawg the breeder itself, who developed new lines deriving from the original genetic.
Starting at: $39.38
Humboldt - Sour Blueberry
Sour Blueberry by Humboldt Seeds is a sativa dominant strain 100% feminized.
Starting at: $30.11
Humboldt - Trainwreck
Trainwreck by Humboldt Seeds is a sativa dominant strain.
Starting at: $35.90
Humboldt - Lost Coast OG
A well-known Emerald area breeder passed HSO this elite clone, which they back-crossed into their Emerald OG to bring out some more gassy flavor and smell.
Starting at: $42.85
Humboldt - Bubba Kush 2.0
Bubba Kush is one of the best Indicas in the world.
Starting at: $50.96
Humboldt - Sour Diesel #2
Sour Diesel #2 by Humboldt Seeds is a Sativa dominant strain, is the one who has popularised the Sour taste, being also called as earthy-diesel, with a final touch of pine too.
Starting at: $34.75
Humboldt - Amherst Sour Diesel
This legendary elite clone was gifted to HSO by their Mendocino partners many years ago.
Starting at: -
Humboldt - Blue Dream Auto
This top producing automatic strain is tall and vigorous, with tight internodes and blue shades of color. Strong floral berry aroma followed by peppery undertones.
Starting at: $52.12
Humboldt - Dr. Greenthumb’s Dedoverde Haze Auto
B-Real of Cypress Hill is back to introduce his newest collaboration with HSO.
Starting at: -
Humboldt - Black D.O.G.
Premiering the latest from Humboldt Seed Organization showcases this exquisite new creation selected by breeder Biovortex.
Starting at: -
Humboldt - Desert Diesel
Humboldt Seed Organization friends from Emerald Mountain seeds gave them some new Diesel testers a few years back.
Starting at: $47.49
Humboldt - Lost Coast Hash Plant
This Monster yielder is one of our longest commercially ran genetics.
Starting at: $48.64
Humboldt - Lemon Thai Kush
Lemon Thai Kush by Humboldt Seeds is a big plant that grows like a tree and produces huge crops of very sticky buds.
Starting at: $42.85
Humboldt - Sapphire OG
From the vaults of HSO’s broad genetic collection comes another classic GEIST-GROW breeding creation, the Sapphire OG.
Starting at: $27.80
Humboldt - Raspberry Diesel
This sativa dominant hybrid was the result of our sweet Cherry Afghan x Sour Diesel.
Starting at: -
Humboldt - Bubba’s Gift
This amazing fusion of two beautiful Indicas was created in 2007. The Pre-98 Bubba Kush was crossed into God’s Gift making for a powerful and unmistakable presence.
Starting at: $52.12
Humboldt - Blue Dream
Blue Dream by Humboldt Seeds is a sativa dominant regular strain.
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