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DNA Genetics - Holy Grail Kush
DNA presents the cannabis community with the 2 time Cannabis Cup Champion, Kosher Kush, crossed with the Multi-Champion strain, The OG #18.
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Mr Nice Seed Bank - Ortega
Ortega was originally made a little different from Nevil when he was doing his Seedbank thing with Sensi
Price: $81.07
Limited Collection - SnowLAnd
Great cross of Snowcap with LA Confidential
Price: $57.91
Mr Nice Seed Bank - The Cure (AF/SK x HZ(AC))
Not for the first time grower but it is capable to surprise those who do not get surprised at anything
Price: $81.07
Mr Nice Seed Bank - Nordle
This hybrid is probably one of the most consistently good alrounders
Price: $66.02