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G.Y.O Collection - Auto El Fuego
Auto El Fuego (fire) is a special blend of varieties!
Starting at: $37.06
DNA Genetics - Chocolope Kush
Chocolope Kush is a combination of our multiple Cannabis cup winning Sativa; Chocolope, and our Indica dominate Hybrid; Kosher Kush.
Starting at: $46.33
DNA Genetics - Tangilope
Tangie and Chocolope have to be our best two Sativas! Chocolope X Tangie results in Award winning Chocolaty Citrus buds!!
Starting at: $52.12
G.Y.O Collection - Florida Lemons
The concentration of the lemon terpene is amazing, as the flavor stays somehow Kush!
Starting at: $34.75
G.Y.O Collection - Florida Gold
”Florida Gold” nothing more then our Florida Og clone to our Jew Gold Cut.
Starting at: $34.75
G.Y.O Collection - El Fuego
If your all about high yields of resin then these flowers are for you.
Starting at: $34.75
G.Y.O Collection - Double Alien 18
Double Alien 18 takes more of the Martian flavor out of this cross and adds an incredible amount of The OG #18 flavor.
Starting at: $34.75
DNA Genetics - Nicole Kush
This strain is a cross of Nicole from Marimberos and Kosher Kush from DNA Genetics.
Starting at: $46.33
DNA Genetics - LA Chocolat
A cross in of LA Confidential and Chocolope DNA’s two most famous strains.
Starting at: $46.33
DNA Genetics - Golden Lemons
This cannabis variety is a favourite for hash makers of all types due to her easily extracted crystals and overwhelming aroma! Strain suitable for all environments.
Starting at: $46.33
DNA Genetics - Golden Berry
This fantastic fast growing marijuana plant with a nice stretch in flower has been obtained by crossing Kushberry as the female and Jew Gold reversed pollen that is possibly the strongest best tasting “Kush” available.
Starting at: $46.33
DNA Genetics - Exodus Kush
Two unique flavors collide in this hybrid and the result is a Cheese growth structure and the OG Kush strength.
Starting at: $46.33
DNA Genetics - Dj’s Gold
Expect heavy terpene filled flowers and good yields.
Starting at: $46.33
DNA Genetics - LA Confidential
The high of this herb is psychedelic and energetic with a hammer. There are two real phenotypes and they will both finish in 55-60 days.
Starting at: $40.54
G.Y.O Collection - Rocklock
This strain is for anyone wanting big indy yields of heavy medicinal headstash!
Starting at: $28.96
Crockett Family Farms - Crockett’s Dawg
Good yield of top quality flowers.
Price: $92.66
Crockett Family Farms - Crockett’s Confidential
Produces large dense flowers covered in resin.
Price: $92.66
Limited Collection - Purple LA
Heavy crystals and great appeal.
Price: $57.91