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The beginning goes back to the 90′s when more seed companies started to appear every where. Back then we didn’t act as a seed company but we made sure to keep Amsterdam on the map and contributed our part by helping out others in the Amsterdam cannabis scene creating success. As today Allstar Genetics is official and with our old school and new genetics that we collected in all these years we try to make as much variety as possible so that every strain is special. After testing and being confident enough we make sure to bring out the strains that are well rewarded in Amsterdam. We work with a group of medical patients & growers its a small group but efficient as they test the benefits of the genetics en to ensure that seeds are grown by different growers and there methods to get honest test results. Allstar Genetics seeds are constantly produced in small batches to ensure that only fresh seeds are sold and germination rate is high. All our seeds are guaranteed fresh unlike many other seed companies that buy there seeds from independent growers we create strains and produce the seeds ourselves.

The ASG line up at this moment consists of 8 strains that we developed over the last years.Like most seed companies we can offer more variations  (but these strains at this point are not developed enough ) so they will not be released till after passing our breeding program.The goal was to create winning strains that are totally different overall , and instead of creating more strains we work on our current line up. Most strains are already Amsterdam coffeeshops favourite, and we understand this is still the only place in the world where you can smoke our strains before you purchase the seeds if you know the right places. Unlike many other seed companies Allstar Genetics strains can be frequently found in the better coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

All Star genetics - Cannabis Seeds

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All Star Genetics - Kaligria
For all you sativa lovers Kaligria is the one
10 seeds (reg)
Price: $57.91
All Star Genetics - KushDee
This allstar kush strain was crossed with our Alegria male to improve yield and to give her vigour and stalk size
10 seeds (reg)
Price: $63.70
All Star Genetics - Westside
This dominant afghani crossed with nothernlights will treat you with some hard indica buds
10 seeds (reg)
Price: $57.91
All Star Genetics - Zilvermist
Silver she is this cross will treat you with frosty crystals all over
10 seeds (reg)
Price: $55.59